Our accessibility consultant is Jakob Rosin, who was born blind and therefore comes into contact with accessibility issues on a daily basis.

Accessibility of web pages and mobile applications

We help you find the best solutions to ensure accessibility at the very beginning of your project. We will test existing and completed websites and applications, according to WCAG 2.1 and EN301549 standards. We don’t only test your page and application according to the required standards, but we also want the final solution to be actually usable and accessible for users. In addition, if necessary, we help to find users with special needs to be included in user tests.

We do offer consultations on digital accessibility. We have been engaged in accessibility consulting for the last 8 years, and our accessibility expert Jakob holds the highest web accessibility expert certificate issued by the International Association of Accessibility professionals, CPWA.

Accessibility of events

A good event is successful if the participants are happy. However, people with special needs often face many obstacles at events, which often makes attending them a challenge. Be it a poorly accessible venue or keynote materials that are difficult to read. We help make your event accessible so that all participants can fully enjoy the event.

Accessibility of services

A service, for example in a library, airport or museum, consists of many small but important parts. We are here to help ensure that the services you offer are designed for everyone, regardless of special needs or disability.


Good accessibility starts with people. We will happily visit you and provide training over broad variety of topics. From the technical details of accessibility to what to keep in mind when communicating with and serving people with special needs, be it for example in a restaurant, hotel, shop, beauty salon, healthcare facility, airport, or bank.

Audio description

Since visually impaired people cannot see the visual aspects of films, theater performances or exhibitions, an audio description must be included to give an overview of the details not contained in sounds or dialogue. For example, in the case of a film, this is a description of what the characters are doing at the moment and what the locations look like, read over the original sound of the film.

We are happy to create a clear and comprehensible audio description for your film, theater production, exhibition, video or photos.

Jakob Rosin. Photo: private collection
Jakob Rosin. Photo: private collection

5 questions you should ask yourself

  1. 3% of all web pages in the world are already accessible to people with special needs. Is yours too?
  2. How about the accessibility of your mobile app?
  3. Do you even know how people with different needs use your app or website?
  4. Do your company’s employees know how to help visually impaired customers? Be it in a hotel, restaurant, airport, hospital or night club?
  5. Can you tell your team how to make your event accessible to everyone in the first event planning meeting?

These are just a few examples of the questions that we help answer with Sparrow Access.

We can’t wait to help you make your services available to everyone.

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